The specialization of fertility-based medicine is rapidly expanding, not only into the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine community, but also into complementary medicine as a whole. A value-centered organization is essential to preserve the integrity of the work for the practitioners themselves as well as the patients.

When working so intimately at this level it is critical to have a community of healers from all facets of medicine to help and assist one another in the diagnosis, treatment and understanding of one of the most sensitive issues in a patient's life - the struggle with infertility.

The educational subject material offered to the CEFP members can be as focused as auto-immune diagnosis and the complexities of their case management to communication and interaction with the western reproductive medical community; from business and practice management unique to the fertility specialization to a full and direct immersion into the five-element self inquiry process as a practitioner in this challenging and rewarding area of work. The emphasis of the group is always service to its membership, addressing our needs for growth and development as practitioners and, by extension, deepening our ability to serve our patients and one another.

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