What can I expect from a retreat?

Read all about the intensive RETREAT PROGRAM experience and therapies offered. If you have additional questions, please Contact Us

Can my partner attend with me?

We strongly encourage partners at retreats but it is not mandatory. Please read Dr. Lewis' thoughts on couples attending together (see "Partners & Retreat".)


Can I make an appointment with Dr. Lewis?

Dr. Randine personally consults with private patients three months after they have been through the retreat process. Her main focus is leading retreats and sharing her knowledge with you through lectures and activities, question and answer sessions and group discussion. She reviews each patient file for retreat attendees and collaborates with her staff for the comprehensive treatment plan provided to each patient. Fertile Soul staff practitioners have been trained by Dr. Randine and work closely with her. All treatments are guided by and consistent with her protocols and methods. 

For more Information on meetings with Randine and the prerequisites for a one-on-one consultation, please see "Meetings with Randine"

How much will Randine be at the retreat?

Dr. Randine leads the retreat schedule personally along with staff and experts for certain sessions during the retreat. Participants are generally surprised and pleased by how present and accessible Dr. Randine is throughout the retreat. 


Who will perform my TCM Evaluation?

TCM evaluations are primarily offered as retreat "add-on" phone consultations at a discounted rate when purchased with retreat tuition. When offered with the event or as a phone consultation, a licensed and trained Fertile Soul practitioner will perform your intake and evaluation. The practitioners at our retreats have trained extensively with Dr. Randine and in their own clinics. The Fertile Soul's practitioner team regularly meets to review treatment plans, ensuring you get the best team care we can offer. 

What will my take-home treatment plan include?

Once your consultation is completed, you will receive a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan from your retreat practitioner within one week of your appointment. Your plan will outline a diagnosis of your imbalances as assessed by your practitioner and include objectives for a treatment plan to address them. You may receive general recommendations regarding herbs, supplements, and acupuncture points that are particularly helpful in your case and/or recommendations regarding dietary and lifestyle changes. Custom Chinese Herbal Prescriptions from a recommended chinese pharmacy is available as an add-on to your treatment plan. 

I am still planning to go through IVF. How will that affect my treatment plan?

The primary goal of your treatment plan -- to make your reproductive system as healthy as possible -- is the same regardless of your future treatment plans. We will provide recommendations for integrating your Fertile Soul treatment with an IVF and/or IUI cycle. Our program has shown great benefit when used in connection with Western therapies, increasing your chances of success. If your Western doctor objects to your taking an herbal formula while on drug stimulation, there are still treatments you can take before and after your cycles, as well as non-herbal therapies you can utilize during your cycle, to support your body.


When does the retreat begin and end?

The Fertile Soul will offer a different range of events from 1 to 4 days in length (please read each events information carefully). The full retreat program (4 days) will generally begin around 4 p.m. on the first day and ends around noon on the final day (unless noted in the registration). The weekend events (2 days) will generally begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday and finish at 5 p.m. on Sunday. It may be advisable to work speak with the hotel prior to arrival to accomodate early check-ins and late check-outs OR consider adding extra days onto your stay. 

If onsite TCM consulations are offered with the event, we encourage you to arrive the night before or as early as possible on the first day so that we may schedule your TCM evaluation prior to the start of the lecture and activities and ensure that you do not miss any retreat programming. Scheduling of appointments prior to the start of retreat will occur whenever possible, in order of registrations and paperwork received and is NOT guaranteed. 

The highlight of each FULL retreat (4 day) is a group acupuncture treatment and energetic healing session on the final morning of the retreat. Many say this is literally one of the most powerful experiences of their lives. Collective energetic healing is something science is beginning to better understand, and you will feel that the experience is palpable. Trust us that you do not want to miss it, no matter how pressing other obligations might be that are calling you home. Please make every effort to stay until at least noon on the final day, even if it means having to stay an additional night. (this treatment may not be offered in all events or 2 day weekend seminars)

What is the schedule while I am there?

The retreat schedule is fluid and adapted to the dynamics of each unique group. Generally the days run from about 8:00 a.m. until 5 or 6 p.m. There are experiential workshops and sessions throughout the day/evening along with short breaks. Please find a summary below of retreat content ...

The Fertile Soul Retreat

Learning to eat, breathe and exercise the fertile way to restore physical fertility, understand the impact of and reduce the effects of stress and begin to identify impediments to fertile thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Teaches patients to work with causative factors that have created the situation commonly referred to as "infertility", and reprogramming to fertile thoughts, beliefs and emotions along with becoming receptive to life on every level. Embracing your fertile soul and learning to connect to the soul of your unborn child.

Where are the retreats held? What is the facility like?

Many of our retreats will take place primarily in Asheville, North Carolina at various hotels/resorts - please read each retreat description carefully. Asheville is accessible through several local and regional airports (very near Asheville Regional Airport, which handles all major carriers). For other travel questions, please contact us. However, we will travel throughout the different regions of the country each year. Dr. Lewis strives to make the retreat accessible to all guests living throughout the country and abroad by moving the retreat locations to different major metro-areas. 

How do I make my room reservation?

Usually, you will book your own accommodations at the host facility or nearby hotel, however, some events require The Fertile Soul to purchase a room block - in this case, the retreat tuition will include hotel lodging (as an all inclusive event) or discounted room rates. Please read the event listings carefully to see what is included for hotel accommodations. Questions? Contact Us

Do I have to stay onsite? 

Generally, no - we do our best to base our event locations in major metro areas with access to all types of accomodations. However, as part of our contracts with some host facilities, The Fertile Soul must guarantee a certain number of rooms. Please check the event listings for discount room blocks, if available. If you need a special consideration, we will try to accommodate you when possible. 


What happens for meals?

Each retreat's meal options will vary by location - most venues will not include full meals with your retreat tuition. Unless the retreat is specifically "all-inclusive", each guest will be on their own for meals. We will always find a retreat location with access to multiple options during meal time breaks and we will encourage each group to eat together. Retreat snacks and drinks are provided during the program. If you have particular needs, please plan to bring your own snacks with you. Also let us know if we need to provide you with specific catering contacts at the hotel. 


What do I wear?

The retreat is sweat pants casual. Ladies, please put your hair up and go make-up free! We encourage you to be comfortable. You will sit on the floor and stretch and move, so lounge and workout wear is perfect. Some of the therapeutic movement can really get active, so if you normally wear a sports bra when exercising, you may want it. Layers are helpful so that you can be cool when you are moving and warm when sitting. You will be outside for some movement sessions, weather permitting, so you may wish to consult as you pack. Walking and/or tennis shoes are recommended for time outdoors and be prepared for a range of temperatures.


Is there a cut-off date for registrations?

Retreats often sell out in advance, so please register early to ensure availability. We will accept your registration last-minute if possible, but accommodations might be a challenge.

If retreat is full, can I be put on a waiting list? 

We are delighted to put you on a waiting list for whatever retreat you would like to attend. Please Contact Us with your request so we can keep a written record. Please understand that we receive many waiting list requests and cancellations are rare. Therefore, if you ask to be on the waiting list, we ask that you are committed to attend should we have an opening (and that you have considered the pricing, have all your questions answered about the program, have thought about what will be required regarding travel, etc.). If we receive an opening, we will e-mail you at the address you provide and will wait 24-hours to receive a reply. If we do not hear from you, we will move to the next name on the list. 

What is included in the retreat fee?

The base tuition for the retreat may vary per location, paid to The Fertile Soul. This includes the entire program led personally by Dr. Lewis over the course of a Retreat (2-4 days - about 15-20 hours of lectures and experiential sessions) or Online Seminar (2 days - approximately 15 hours of meeting time) along with course materials. Accommodations and Meals are additional and are paid directly to the hotel facility unless noted in your registration. 

When applicable, additional add-ons may be included such as a Chinese Medicine Evaluation, Group Acupuncture Treatment (onsite events only), and TCM Treatment Plan with Herbal Prescription (read each events information for details).

If you choose to fill an herbal prescription with us or with a local herbalist or take nutritional supplements, the cost of those products is additional. 


The costs of IVF are so high, how can I afford to attend retreat, as well?

We strive to make sure each program is affordable to all guests - we offer specific workshops with lower tuition rates throughout the year and offer PAYMENT PLANS on most retreats. Please Contact Us for more info. 

The Fertile Soul program involves the most intense, yet healthy and natural therapy available. Medical studies published in the Journal of Fertility & Sterility have shown that doing acupuncture in conjunction with IVF doubles your chances of success. Our program incorporates many additional therapies in addition to acupuncture for even greater chances of success. Many of the women who have completed our retreat series and have gone to IVF with their own eggs and been successful in achieving pregnancy. With the financial cost of IVF and its physical toll on your body, how can you afford NOT to prepare yourself as well as possible?


What is your cancellation policy?

Please see the retreat registration page for the most current policy information or click "Cancellation Policy".

I still have more questions. Who can I talk with?

Please Contact Us and we will write or call you back.