A Concept Called Jing

In Chinese medicine, Qi is the invisible life force which enables the body to think and perform voluntary movement. The power of Qi is evidenced in the movement of energy in the world and in the cosmos at large. However, Jing is a force that is less known about in the west, but is key to working with fertility. The Chinese concept called "jing" or “essence” and provides the very framework from which life unfolds through DNA. Governed by the kidney energies (2d chakra in Ayurvedic healing), strong jing provides us with a robust constitution, genetic makeup, and a great ability to reproduce ourselves. When jing is depleted, our ability to reproduce ourselves is the first to go. Our body has no intention to make more of us when our own energies are waning.

In Chinese medicine, Jing is seen as the first Treasure , or “Regenerative Essence”. While Qi is life force that allows us to function on a daily basis, Jing is the more refined, stored and concentrated energy within every being. Jing is the source of our vitality and is associated with the aging process.

The store of Jing helps each of us manage stress in daily life. Behind many key human functions is Jing: within the reproductive organs, the chemistry and function of the organs, as well as the health and function of the mind. Jing is behind the very constitution of our physical bodies, and is a blend of Yin and Yang energy. The essence of Jing is permeated within the ova and sperm.

Jing is depleted through age, stimulants, hard living, lack of sleep, poor diet, too much stress and external stimulation, overthinking, overworking, too much noise, and lack of restoration.

When we are trying to conceive, we are going right for the jing. If our stores are low, the result will be nil. In addition to reducing the demands of your body, you can help restore the jing by:

Supplementing a healthy, organic diet with 2000 mg of fish oil per day. We recommend Biomega from USANA. Fish oil not only lubricates the body and helps improve blood circulation, it restores the jing.