Letting The Management Go

Anyone who works in the corporate environment these days has been impacted by cut backs in personnel and management. The personnel change often gives rise to a sense of insecurity, fear, chaos and resulting overwork. The energetic impact of this type of change, where the status quo has been upset, is multifaceted.

Wood energy builds. Metal energy maintains structure. Earth energy provides a sense of continuity.

These three form the horizontal plane of existence in the cross of the five elements; or the management:


Wood Earth Metal


Water energy provides the chaos so a new order can be established. Fire energy allows the fullest emergence of new possibility to be expressed; as long as one is not trying to force the previous horizontal structure. When the attention is given to the chaos of the unknown, new and higher possibilities are allowed to emerge. First, however, you must recognize two things: that previous management has not been successful; and that prior methods of control must be relinquished.

The same is true of the body-mind. When a dynamic physical entity is struggling to achieve something in a way that is outmoded, the result is great tension, stress, and frustration. The psychic and physiological results are:

Frustration over the inability to get what we want: Liver Qi Stagnation (wood) Worrying about how the mind will come to a solution: Spleen Qi Deficiency (earth) Great difficulty in letting go of control: Intestinal Holding Patterns (metal)

Most of us are deathly afraid (Kidney Deficiency – water) to drop into the chaos of the unknown so that new possibilities (heart fire) can emerge. There is great reluctance to let the old way die. But we must allow the old ways to be extinguished in order that new, healthy patterns emerge, allowing the great wisdom of life’s full potential to be expressed.

A woman in upper management came to a Fertile Soul retreat, the theme of which was “Letting Go.” She admitted that she had no intention in letting go – how could she ever hope to conceive if she let go of it?! That is precisely the problem most women have in their pursuit to become life givers – their reluctance to relinquish the reins of management. Yet, the old management must be let go so new ways of being can come forth.

Life comes through the vertical, not the horizontal plane of existence. Life does not come into being because of our great desire, manipulation, worry, or control. It comes in spite of our greatest efforts. If we put baby-making into the horizontal plane of goal attainment, we will forever be disappointed.

We cannot control life. Life lives us. Babies emerge through us – when we are living in accordance with the laws of the universe. Does nature struggle? Does nature set goals and go about trying to attain them? No. Nature lets life emerge, even through some desolate and sometimes desperate conditions. Check your breath. Do you need to manage your breath? Doesn’t your mere attention to its movement make it appear a little bit clumsy? You can control your breath, but it operates even better when you are not trying to control it.

The Fertile Soul retreat process is not one of merely “letting go.” A new order must be established by allowing new, healthy patterns to emerge as we let go of the old. Although this isn’t a complex process, it isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. It calls forth great courage to go into the fear of the unknown. See if that courage isn’t already within you. See if it strikes a cord of resonance within your heart. You already have what it takes – maybe you just need to be shown how to put down the tools, and play the instrument.