PART II Expand the energies of creation by visualizing either the color blue or in your pelvic cavity. Let it fill up your pelvic bowl and expand outside your physical body. Next, visualize your chest cavity expanding either through the color red. Circulate the two colors together through the breath, and see them merging at the center with a bright lavendar color. Visualize your heart and pelvis as expansive and feel them open to full receptivity. As your heart opens, also open the area between your shoulder blades. Consciously communicate with the sense of the child that is to come to you. Open up your consciousness to experience what he or she might need from you, and ask yourself these questions for him or her:

Is there any work I need to do on myself before you are ready to come?

Are there any unresolved emotional issues or lessons that I need to resolve before I feel you are ready to come?

Is there any friction or discord in my life that I need to resolve before I can receive you?

What about my partner?

Is our professional or living situation conducive to your coming?

Do you feel accepted by me/us already?

Is our acceptance of you is limited in any way?

Do you feel we will still accept and love you fully if your life lessons have to do with physical, mental, or emotional limitations?

Is there a sense that we might have expectations of you that you might not be able to fulfill?

Do we see a vision of you that is not consistent with who you really are (gender, appearance)?

How may we best prepare for you and make you feel welcome in this life?


When you have successfully answered these questions and feel ready to create a contract with your incoming child, allow yourself to state out loud (in your own words) something to the effect of:

“I am ready and willing to accept my role in your upcoming incarnation, to help you learn your own life lessons, and to lead you to satisfy the destiny you are meant to fulfill. I agree to love you unconditionally as your mother/father”


Exercises to perform at home: Microcosmic orbit – circulating essence from below and spirit from the heart. Calling in and opening up to the soul of the incarnating child.

Connection between the heart and the womb. This inner connection must be present in order for life to ignite. There is a void at the center of the heart, and a void at the center of the uterus that connects life through a woman’s body. The heart contains the connection to all of spirit, the womb contains the deepest spark of the divine within.

The connection between parents – As the energetic potential of one combines with another, this cosmic uniting creates a new potential for the incarnating soul. The spiritual factors surrounding each parent and their energies together cannot be overemphasized. The sperm of the father contains his condensed essence, full not only of his familial genetic contribution, but his cellular beliefs, desires, and limitations. As well, the mother’s egg contains the essence of her, her foremothers, and their life energies. These essences combine to produce the qi which will direct the development into organs and meridians. Once this spark has been ignited, any unresolved issues of the parents will become issues that the child will have to overcome in his or her life. During pregnancy, the more conscious you can become of your own unresolved emotional obstructions, negative beliefs, and spiritual limitations, the more it will free up your child to rise to a higher potential.

Intention candle: Sit eye to eye with your partner. Each of you reach into the depth of yourself, and call on the place deep inside your dan tien that wishes to invite a new life to share with yours. Circulate the microcosmic orbit each within yourself. Each of you light a candle representing the light you would like to bring forth through a new life. Now bring the intention into the energy you share, and circulate the microcosmic orbits in each other, together. See a large infinity symbol uniting you, as you energetically open each other’s microcosmic orbits together, sharing into your deepest and highest energies. Open up your hearts, and see if you can bring in a third energy between you. Don’t force it, just open up to it. When the energy comes to a rest, open up the area between your shoulder blades.

Each of you take your candle and together light a new candle for the soul that you wish to draw in. Each of you may say a prayer of invitation to the child. At the end of your spiritual meditation, each of you blow out your partner’s candle. Together, blow out the candle of intention for your child, as if you are blowing a wind of invitation for him to come into your life.