Wu Wei – When to Act and When Not to Act?

Being at one with the Tao, or the source of life itself, allows the expression of a state called Wu Wei ??, or spontaneous right action. As the planets move effortlessly around the sun, we find our alignment with life itself. From this state, we are more fertile, more at ease, receptive, and without stress.

This effortless expression is one in which the paradoxes of doing and non-doing coexist. The spirit of existence moves through you in ways that are harmonious, and true to life.

Wu Wei can only be expressed through the experience of unity, or life as a whole, giving rise to spontaneous, natural, and effortless flow, in alignment with the whole of existence, now. One expression of this way of being is called, "Free and Easy Wandering", also the name of a Chinese herbal formula that helps resolve internal resistance to life, and interestingly enough, hormonal imbalances.

I recently worked with a couple who came to retreat and then had an individual session with me. The husband had extensive urologic workups where the doctors revealed his sperm count, although normal, had a high percentage of abnormally shaped sperm, and told them they would have to IVF with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injections). The woman was in her late thirties and had some luteal phase issues as well. They were urged not to hesitate because of her age. Of course they were shaken. But thankfully, the couple waited. Something about the interaction didn’t feel right, and they chose not to act out of fear and desperation. Instead they sought out ways to address their issues naturally. Within less than a month, his sperm issues had resolved themselves completely, naturally, without any intervention.

The Fertile Soul’s revolutionary retreat work has helped countless individuals arrive at the fertile place of letting go to what is, allowing the source of life to express itself in the most fertile and harmonious way. We have helped couples overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to fertility by helping them arrive at the joyous state of opening to life itself.

Dr. Lewis will be hosting an interactive webinar on Wu Wei March 22nd on Medigogy: