Infertility takes its toll. The harder you try to have a baby, the further away the goal may seem. The Fertile Soul program teaches you to let go of the stress that is keeping you away from your child so you are more likely to conceive. We all know stories of women who adopt, give up, or stop trying and magically become pregnant. It isn’t that life is just cruel that way; there is a scientific explanation. Our body cannot be in fight mode and receptive mode at the same time! Nature won’t allow it. When we release our grasp and open up to the creative power of all of life, our fertility expands.

The Fertile Soul programs will help you get your life back. We will remind you how to live and love and embrace life again. We will empower you to take charge of your fertility. We will help you get through this challenging period in your life and emerge wiser, joyful and grateful for its lessons.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that Within me there lay an invincible summer. —Albert Camus

We all strive for the miracle of letting life express itself through us. Some of us, however, have to take a different path in order to become mothers. And we may feel like there is something missing: the experience of letting a life develop inside of us, of feeling the first kick, of holding our child the moment it comes into this world, of breast feeding. For whatever reason we have been programmed to believe that motherhood is tied to these sensations. And choosing another route of becoming a mother often starts by grieving the loss of such experiences.

It is our blessing at The Fertile Soul to be able to help most of the women who come to us to conceive and bear healthy children—but not all of them. All of our patients will experience greater health by following the principles and treatments laid out by The Fertile Soul Method™; yet nobody can predict if the spark of life will actually ignite. If there has been too much damage to a woman’s reproductive organs, if she is approaching an age where she no longer has healthy eggs, if she has other medical conditions that preclude her carrying a child to term—even though I may want to, we cannot cure every woman. In some cases our role is more that of a friend and guide, to support women in making difficult choices, and then to help them heal, body and soul.

Not too long ago a young woman came to consult The Fertile Soul because she wanted to go off her birth control pills. She was not married yet and told us she really wasn’t interested in being pregnant right now, but eventually she would like to have a child. However, she had never been able to have her period when not on the Pill. We worked on balancing her hormones, and her spirit, and in the process she noticed that worrying about her fertility was really becoming a problem. She said her fears about infertility were already eating away at her soul. Then she said something quite significant: she told us that perhaps this fear was a valuable insight. “If pursuing my own child is going to tie me up in such emotional knots,” she said, “then perhaps I need to find alternate ways of expressing my motherhood.” It’s a real gift to have somebody reach that kind of insight at the beginning of the journey instead of at the end, instead of being forced to her knees and having to say, “I can’t do this anymore. I give up.”