In countries where women don't know age is a fertility issue, it isn't.

In countries where women don't know age is a fertility issue, it isn't.Certainly as we age, there are changes in the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis. There are changes in the biopotency of the FSH molecule. Women don't respond as well to FSH drugs, and therefore IVF. However, they can and do become pregnant in their forties (more often naturally) when the bodies attention can be turned back to the healthy functioning of the ovaries, and hypothalamus.

The primordial follicles within the ovary do not age. They do not undergo any changes until they start to communicate with the emotional, mental, and physical state of the rest of the body. The primary determinant of hypothalamic functioning is the emotional response to your environment. Is your world peaceful, open to new life, conducive to bringing forth fresh, creative new energy? Or is it stressed by your world, your outlook, your job, and your frustration over your age?

The follicles respond to the state of the hypothalamus, which translates it's chemical message to hormonal messages, which are then received by the ovary, which tells the follicle how to grow, how it's chromosomes should align, and if and when the ovary should release it's egg for potential fertilization.

The wisdom of your body does not want you pregnant if it perceives poor blood flow to your ovaries (reduced during stress), hormonal imbalances (from a stressed endocrine system), reduced nutritional status, or an internal inflammatory processes that keeps the body in a state of reactivity.

Although you can't do anything about your biological age, there are many things that can improve your reproductive age.

- Avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, and cow's milk. - Make sure you get enough sleep each night, so you don't have to rely on coffee to energize you to meet the demands of the day. - Perform the femoral massage to increase blood flow to the ovaries. - Receive electroacupuncture to the low back (optimally twice) before ovulation, during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. - Take Chinese herbs to to tonify your specific deficiencies or resolve obstructions. - Make sure you are receiving adequate intake of antioxidants, which improve follicular fluid. - Try tonics like wheat grass, royal jelly or DHEA. - Perform exercises that make you feel good, and invigorate you. Walk in nature. Dance. Laugh and play. - Find creative outlets that bring you into harmony with life. - Reduce work, relational, or situational stressors if you can. - If you can't, try meditation, yoga or qi gong to reduce your response to stress. - Listen to your internal wisdom more than outside authorities about what age is too old.

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