How to find a good fertility acupuncturist

I am often asked by retreat patients, "How can I find an acupuncturist thatpractices like you do?"

While my approach may be unique, there are many ways you can find a good match for yourself, no matter where you live.

Here are a few starting points. Call the acupuncturist and ask: - if they are Fertile Soul Affiliates ) - If they are members of The Fertile Soul's Continuing Excellence in Fertility Professionals Program (CEFP - - If they have been certified by the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM - - What their experience is with fertility (I advise keeping this an open question, rather than saying "Do you treat fertility?" They will all say yes. - Other questions might include, "Do you work with assisted reproductive technology?" or "What is your experience treating women with high FSH and low AMH?" "Do you prescribe herbs for fertility conditions?"

Once you have ascertained whether it appears that the acupuncturist has some knowledge of treating fertility, it is my opinion that the most important factor in forming a relationship with an acupuncturist is your confidence level in them, and your relationship with them. Even if they are new in practice, how do you feel under their care? Do you feel heard and understood? Do they explain how their treatments are helping you? Are you experiencing changes through their treatments? If you can't answer these questions positively, it may be time to look for another practitioner.

I often hear comments like, "My acupuncturist does the same treatment every time." "I don't feel like I'm making any improvement." If you don't have trust in the process, and you are not feeling any noticeable changes in your menstrual cycle or reproductive status, you are likely not with the right practitioner. Although I have treated many thousands of patients over the years, if I did not feel they were resonating with me, I would encourage them to seek help elsewhere. Even the most experienced practitioners aren't a right fit for everyone.

If you cannot find a practitioner that meets your satisfaction, the Fertile Soul offers phone consultations wherever you live, where you will be diagnosed and prescribed supplements and herbs to improve your reproductive status.