Manifesting Your Highest Desires, Part 2

Objects of desire are often egoic demands. While they may be made manifest, the momentary satisfaction will only become the next unfulfilled desire. When it is fulfilled, you will only temporarily relieve the desire; it will almost assuredly be replaced by another demand for another object, leaving you more unfulfilled than if you never received the first request. Unfulfilled desires (and the resulting anger) cause the liver energies to stagnate, taking us out of the flow of life, externally and internally. This resistance becomes blocked energy, which locks it in place. When our energies no longer flow with life as it is, we have stepped out of harmony with all of life. We cannot resume a successful quest until we let go of our demands and resistance.

Our lowest energies are fear-based. Fear of not getting our desires satisfied begets more of the same, and depletes our kidney energies in the process. When our unfulfilled desires feed worry and panic, we are operating from our lowest level of expression. The laws of the universe ensure that we are not given more than our present state of vibration is capable of receiving. Until we let go of the fear of not having our desires fulfilled, we are limiting how the universe can execute our request.

Instructions for Manifesting:

Step 1) Ask what it is you want most. Ask anew each time; allowing it to change. Imagine the feeling you think you will achieve when you get what it is you want most. Hold this feeling in your heart. Put yourself in harmony with this feeling, and with all of life, as it is.

Step 2) Ask how you are preventing yourself from opening up to receive this desire. Questions such as: - How are you causing struggle for yourself? - What are you putting up with that is in opposition to this desire?

Step 3) Face the fear of releasing all you are in opposition to. Face the fear of not getting your desire fulfilled.

Step 4) Open up to receive.

Step 5) Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you need most, while you let go of how.

Now go about your life. You don’t have to check up on it. You and life are not different. When you are in harmony with this fact, you don’t need to fight or struggle in order to get your needs met. Life will come in and meet your highest vibratory level, that of opening up and trusting. You can’t see the whole picture. The grand view always has the greatest good of all in its heart. You are a part of that, and it always has your highest interest at heart, too. Practice gratitude for that fact. You will be amazed.