Fertility Is Within

From the roaring silence of the unborn, life longs to emerge. Pregnant with pure potential, life springs into being with the friction of opposing vital forces, inviting a new life to begin. Ovulation, intercourse, ejaculation, fertilization, zygote, embryo, fetus, baby, child, adult, longing to bring forth life anew.

Will life emerge from the desire that you carry? Nobody knows. What is certain is this – you cannot force life from external measures.

Sure, procedural medicine can try to force sperm into egg, but that’s where the advances of modern medicine begin and end in the fertility world.

The miracle of life, however, is endless.

Fertility is an inside job.

One of the most ancient texts of medicine in existence tells us that all disease begins with the spirit, and manifests in the body/mind. All healing comes from the spirit, and emerges from your own heart. The meridian that connects the heart to the womb and allows life to be made manifest, has no points of its own. It is too deep for any external force to manipulate. Fertility is an inside job.

One of the best fertility meditations I know is to quiet the body and mind, and feel into the spaciousness of your own body. As you breathe in, imagine the connection from your heart to your womb. Feel yourself carry the life-giving blood from the heart to the uterus with every inhalation, and with every exhalation allow yourself to release any tension between the uterus and the heart. Keep opening up further and further with every breath, and eventually you can merge your awareness with the source of life itself. It is not anywhere else but within.