The Uterus - A Fu Organs

Chinese medicine breaks down the energetic systems of the body into one source, two divisions, three treasures, four vital substances and five elements which establish internal functional boundaries and are further separated into yin and yang organs. Yin (zang)      Yang (fu)                   Contracting Emotional Perception

Spleen             Stomach                                             Thought, worry

Lung               Large Intestine                                  Grief, holding on

Kidney            Urinary Bladder                                Fear, protection

Liver               Gallbladder                                        Anger, desire

Heart              Small Intestine                                  Joy, excitement

Pericardium     San Jiao

Ovary              Uterus (and fallopian tubes)                Control

Yin (zang) organs have primary life giving functions. The yang (fu) organs receive and distribute. They fill and empty. In addition to the vital functions necessary for survival, the uterus is considered a fu organ. Although it is not necessary for individual survival, it is necessary for continuation of the species. It empties and fills. The uterine function, carried deep within the most yin aspect of the body, is governed by cycles outside the control of the other vital body functions. It cycles through filling and releasing according to the gravitational field between the earth and the moon. It is endowed not just with blood, but with “heavenly essence” or the ability to provide the life giving power of heaven to fill with life.

Fu organs are a junction between inside and outside. Energetically they are more fluid and superficial than their corresponding deeply fixed zang organ. When we look at these physiologic functions beyond their anatomical placement, we can access a spectacular beauty of the interface between the internal and the external.

When you open your senses to the external world, you take in your physical environment. When you turn within and condense your senses to a more sublime perception you can take in an endless internal landscape. The inner world contains thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ideals, but if you can move beyond even that, there is something deeper. You have access to the “unborn” origin. There is something mysterious and powerful that contains all possibilities. At the source, there is a miraculous potential that manifests into the unimaginable expressions. You have this power within you.

This inner power, however, is often clouded by our perceptions. These perceptions govern the hypothalamus and the ability of the endocrine and uterine functions to relate harmoniously or not – the junction of the inner and outer landscapes. This is where most menstrual and hormonal imbalances arise. When you quiet your mind and return to the source within, see if you can move beyond the clouds of perception and into the clear potential behind fear, anger, grief, that which you think will give you joy, and control. Move into the unconditional origin through which all things are possible. There are acupuncture treatments that can open up the windows of perception (most around the neck) to the clear light of spirit itself. Try massaging the area that begins at the base of the skull, and move around to the suprasternal notch in front, on both sides. Another powerful exercise utilizes the qi gong infinity ball. Think of the crossing point as the interface between the inner and outer world. And finally, spend time getting to know and move beyond the limitations of your own perception. Be still and know.