The Fertile Soul is coming to Asheville August 20-23, 2010

We are very excited to announce The Fertile Soul is coming to Asheville! Here is a quick write up from Randine on the Renewal retreat we have next month but I think she just pulled it right from the website :-/ hah. "Renewal retreats came about for those who experienced the life altering shifts from the Foundations retreats, and yearned for more. Here we take you into your depths with a revolutionary healing process where mental, emotional and spiritual patterns of obstruction are identified and removed. Most expressions of infertility are caused by lack of communication between the messages between your brain and the reproductive organs. These physiologic messages, translated into hormonal imbalances or implantation failure, most often originate in subconsciously held patterns of limitation, where our bodies can't access their full fertile potential. We build on the work begun during the foundations retreat with an updated TCM therapeutic plan, self-inquiry, and meridian movement therapy. Here you access the healer within, and the place where the soul is healed. The result is a renewed receptivity to life.

Location: Lutheridge Retreat Center - Asheville, North Carolina

The Primary/Partner price includes full retreat program tuition, Acupuncture with Treatment Plan, Room/Board on-site, All meals included (Friday dinner through Monday lunch), and Airport Shuttle from Asheville Regional Airport to Lutheridge only.

Commuter price only includes retreat tuition and Acupuncture with Treatment Plan. It will also include meals on-site at Lutheridge (Friday dinner though Monday lunch). It will NOT include Room/Board at Lutheridge or AirportShuttle to other locations. The Fertile Soul room block will also include Room and Board for Fridayevening through Monday afternoon. Meals will include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - with service starting from Friday evening Dinner until the retreat closing with Lunch on Monday. The meeting space will also provide beverages(water and herbal teas) and have snacks available throughout the day. You will receive more information upon your reservation or feel free to contact us at any time!"

More info on Lutheridge Retreat Center: