How can a retreat help improve the outcome of IVF?

Couples usually decide to go through reproductive medical procedures when their natural attempts have been unsuccessful. Natural conception fails when either sperm is of substandard quality or quantity to arrive at and fertilize the egg, when the egg quality is jeopardized, or the uterus is unreceptive to a pregnancy. Chinese medicine is very effective at addressing all of these conditions, and The Fertile Soul Method is unsurpassed in treating both male and female fertility issues.

Studies have shown that the factors which most impact a woman's response to IVF are blood flow to the reproductive organs, a receptive uterus, and the physiologic response to stress. While our retreat process focuses on these three issues, we also help remove the mental and emotional obstructions to achieving the most positive reproductive experience you can. While it may sound like a lot, Chinese medicine, and our retreat process in particular, works by identifying and overcoming energetic blockages. Within a few days, your body and mind can open up to a new state of fertility, receptivity, and hope. Many women who have attended the retreat process have their first IVF success after years of failed attempts, even though they are now older.

While we can't promise success, we can guarantee that the more balanced, open and receptive you are, the greater your likelihood of success, be it via natural or assisted reproductive methods.