The Eastern Philosophical Approach in Fertility Enhancement

In our support of couples seeking to conceive a child, we acknowledge the spiritual coming of a child depends upon the planes of consciousness, or particular bandwidths into which the soul may incarnate. The larger the bandwidth, the greater the opportunity for souls to enter at various vibrational levels. The more contracted the husband and wife’s energies are, the lower the degree of likelihood for a soul to enter at the place where the vibrational planes meet. The more each member can open up to higher planes of consciousness, the more the opening can occur for souls to enter. While our integrated process can help increase your bandwidths, it is each person’s responsibility to keep their energy at an expanded level, or the combined energies can revert to their lowest common denominator, and contract to their previous habituated patterns of imbalance. Individuals and couples may benefit a great deal by learning and implementing methods to support fertility. Proper nutritional support, Chinese medicine and herbal treatments and relaxation exercises and other activities can be very helpful.

Each partner must do their own healing to remove obstructions of their own body, mind, and soul, and within the field of the relationship. The accumulated debris becomes the fuel to transform the present relationship into a supportive container made up of the highest vibrational components (love, emotional support, creative energy) of each partner, so that together they may energetically attract the child they know they were meant to have.

Through the healing process, an individual may find the need to learn to communicate in a fresh way that supports your new process. As a result of healing process, the woman feels loved and supported, and the man feels like he doesn't have to take on the burden of an unfulfilling relationship and a problem that he can't fix. One can learn how to stand tall and proud in the partnership.

When couples take part in our healing retreats, support comes from our multi-faceted approach, as well as the way that each person knows that others around them are going through the very same issues. Imagine healing deeply, and learning to live and love fully again. As one man put it, “I finally have my wife back. We have our love back. How could a child have come to us when we were in such a state of constant anguish? My wife always felt a connection to a soul, and I felt like I wasn't really involved in the process. Now. I feel a whole new hope for living, loving, and inviting our child into our family.”

Ultimately, the growth experienced by men and women seeking improved fertility with us through deeper means can bring us increased expansiveness and enjoyment. An integrative approach that is both practitioner-based and self-help based and is a natural, non-invasive method of supporting fertility. Healing retreats are an excellent opportunity, as are phone consultations and in-person visits with Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. And, ultimately, there are many techniques and ideas we may implement at home to enhance fertility. We invite readers to visit our website and enjoy learning more through articles and blogs there.