Join Us for Our Upcoming LIVE Webinar - June 24th @ 12:00 EST



It’s so easy to get lost in the myriad diagnostic and therapeutic procedures available, and they can become overwhelmingly stressful. Please join me June 24th for an interactive two hour webinar where we will come home to the basics.


Our Dare To Hope Fundamentals, will help you navigate the middle of the river. This two hour process will cover the new basics of fertility - breath exercises, acupressure, and therapeutic fertility movements to unhook the stress of obsessive thoughts, keeping you both grounded and buoyant - our most fertile posture...

- Breathing and movements to destress and enhance fertility

- How to recognize and interrupt obsessive thought patterns through acupressure



What does hope mean to you; does it require courage? I’ve attended to this word and what it represents quite a lot over the years. First, I’d like to share what hope means to me - and what it doesn’t. 

Hope belongs to the Heart’s fire, whose purest energy arises and spreads, and is available only in the moment, as an unconditional buoyancy. The Heart feels light and lifted. Trust, on the other hand, belongs to the Kidney water, and is experienced as being rooted in one’s truth. The two belong together - grounded in the soles of your feet, and lifted up to the front of your chest. These two energies blend as the source of all life. Yet the circulation can become obstructed. When we are overly fearful we do not feel grounded in trust, and the fire energy can become excessive, showing up as unrest or anxiety. Our natural compensation for this unrest is to leave the body’s awareness and project hope into the future with an idea like, “This ___ will give me hope.” Now the energy belongs to the Liver, that has a particular idea in mind of its future fulfillment. This is not hope; it’s expectation. 

While a future expectation can turn out the way we imagine, it usually doesn’t. And the movement toward the future fulfillment of the desire can stagnate the Qi’s interaction between the Heart fire and Kidney water, which is only available now. Heaven sparks life into existence through this interaction, in the moment. Never in the future. When hope is passed off to the Liver, our reproductive hormones no longer circulate freely, because the stress hormones dominate as we try to control the fulfillment of our desire.

Feel into the experience of your desire. Do you feel rooted and lifted; buoyant in the trust that all is well? Or do you get a bit anxious as you become aware of past disappointments and fear that it might not happen? This is often the case, and the mind then tries to override the body’s discomfort by trying to control the future expectation. This does not alleviate the feelings of fear and anxiety. They are temporarily suppressed while they subconsciously gain strength, adding to the discomfort of Qi stagnation.

Imagine yourself walking up to the edge of a river. Sun is shining down through the canopy of leaves overhead. The water is flowing freely, not too deep; crossable in fact. Allow your steps to the bank of the river represent your past. Now stand with your feet rooted in sand, feeling the sun above. Take in the feeling of being grounded and lifted as you see the other shore across the river. Let it represent the expectations of fulfillment: you with child, no longer wanting. Take note of all of the stories you have projected onto its future shores, and how they’ve made you feel. Believe it or not, this is the what causes your pain. It’s a trap, because you will never arrive in the future. See if you have the courage to let it go. Now step into the river and walk to the center of the flowing water, letting both the past disappointments and future fulfillments wash away. As the water flows around you, notice the magnificence of this unknown place. No future to draw you forward; no past to hold you back. Just now. Feet rooted, heart lifted. This is hope.