Restore your Fertility by Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Treat infertility through a comprehensive therapeutic program rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has achieved uncommon success for thousands of couples. The Fertile Soul Method is a process developed through the work of Randine Lewis, utilizing, body, mind, and spirit processes to maximize your fertility and overcome obstacles to becoming pregnant. Her powerful Eastern program combined with her vast knowledge of Western reproductive medicine has helped many thousands of women throughout the world regain their fertility.

Your Fertility Journey

The Fertile Soul program uses a blend of therapies that integrate the best of Eastern and Western expertise to help you heal and strengthen your body and reproductive system. We teach you to live fertilely - to breathe deeply, to exercise differently, to eat foods and herbs that nourish your fertility, to express your emotions honestly and to rid your body of the negative effects of stress and limiting belief systems. We redirect your body's attention to your reproductive organs, which in most cases, have been starved of attention and circulation. Our program may recommend some pretty dramatic lifestyle changes, as most of us have never been taught how to express our fertilityChinese medicine has been using these techniques for centuries and have proven how acupuncture and nutrition make a very effective fertility treatment leading to successful pregnancy. Through our program, you learn how to live life again - fully, joyfully, and abundantly.

Achieve Pregnancy Naturally

The Fertile Soul is an Eastern medicine and fertility institute. We specialize in assisting couples diagnosed as "infertile" with a comprehensive therapeutic program rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that supports their reproductive journey. We have had uncommon success helping thousands of couples, many of which conceived and delivered healthy babies after they had been told by Western medical doctors that pregnancy was not possible. Our patients reclaim their fertility by healing body, mind and spirit with a  revolutionary therapeutic program. Treating infertility with Chinese medicine that utilizes education, diet, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, herbs, exercises to improve the reproductive response, yoga, qi gong, meditation, cognitive restructuring, emotional support and internal self inquiry. We help our patients to prepare themselves as well as possible for a natural or assisted conception and pregnancy using holistic treatment methods.