Option2 - Couples Meeting with Dr. Lewis


Option2 - Couples Meeting with Dr. Lewis


Couples retreats are also available. Each member will receive an evaluation and acupuncture treatment and personal recommendations, as individual meeting.

Personal retreats are meant to be transformative and life enhancing. We will encourage the “letting go” mindset, and to find the peace and tranquility through which a deeper form of healing can take place. As such, we will not be focusing on what’s wrong with your fertility/reproductive system, but rather in what ways we can enhance your life and reproductive health. 

Based on your individual needs, retreats may include: 

  • a comprehensive Chinese medical intake and diagnostic evaluation, 

  • acupuncture, 

  • appropriate dietary, herbal and/or nutritional recommendations, 

  • personalized meditation and qi gong, 

  • appropriate body wisdom processes, 

  • psycho-emotional and spiritual work, 

  • clarification on your path, and 

  • supportive guidance going forward. 

  • lodging and snacks will be provided

You will be working closely with Dr. Lewis during your retreat in a beautifully intimate and serene setting in the mountains adjacent to Pisgah National Forest. Whatever your life challenge or issue might be, she will guide you through an in depth process in the unique way she works with Chinese medicine and her vast knowledge of its Taoist roots. Drastic improvements can result in miraculous changes.

Available (weekend) dates will be provided if you choose this option. Upon booking, you will be provided with driving instructions from Asheville Regional Airport. 

Duration: Two days / Two nights

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