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The Fertile Soul now offers a personal fertility enhancing retreat, a 14 hour recorded retreat that delivers everything a live retreat does, except the “live.”  This two day session is broken down into four segments, where Dr. Randine Lewis provides:

  • A vision of hope

  • A new approach to your fertility, shifting paradigms from “efforting” to “allowing”

  • Using the energetic view of Chinese medicine: Yin/Yang; 3 Treasures, 5 Elements

  • Acupressure for fertility

  • Microcosmic orbit breathing process – open the life gate

  • Age and the ovarian cycle; what hormones really mean

  • Qi Gong

  • Spleen Qi diet and nutritional recommendations

  • Supplements for various conditions

  • Guided meditations

  • Releasing Exercise

  • Physical, mental and emotional components of your fertility

  • Exploring limiting beliefs and obstructions to the life force

  • Patterns of imbalance that manifest as various fertility diagnoses

Dr. Lewis guides you through these pre-recorded sessions, and provides multiple exercises and self inquiry processes for you to complete at your leisure.

Q: How is this different from the live retreat process?

A: Dr. Lewis has encapsulated what she considers the most important elements in the retreat process and concentrated it in this very informative two day session. You are not “on the spot”, and don’t have to share any personal information with anyone else. You can go through the information as many times as you wish and have one full year to complete the process on your own. The main difference is that you will not be meeting with Dr. Lewis live. However, the recorded retreat process allows you the opportunity to meet with Dr. Lewis for an individual session after you have had a TCM consultation and have been on the program for three months.

System Requirements:

Access to computer with consistent internet connection REQUIRED. 

Videos are accessed through VIMEO.com and you will not need to create a profile or download any additional software to view the videos. However, the videos may play more efficiently if you download the Vimeo App when using a smartphone or tablet.

(No refunds due to poor connection)