The New Renewal Retreat Format

The renewal retreat format will continue where you left off in the Foundations retreats. Now that you have the basics covered, and how to live a more balanced life, here is where we dive into the deep end, no matter what you are dealing with. We continue to help you move out of struggle and survival mode, where conception is almost impossible for those who have been challenged with fertility issues.

You will receive restorative and transformative acupuncture, massage, and the ever healthy, ever popular spleen qi diet!

We use the Taoist alchemical process of the five elements as they pertain to body, mind and spirit, transforming stuck or held beliefs and limiting emotions into their highest energetic component: Fear becomes wisdom. Anger becomes compassion. Worry becomes intention. Grief becomes courage. And lack of joyful expression becomes unconditional love for all of life.

We go beyond self help processes and “fix-it” mode into living in the space which never needed fixing.

Yet, we often have a lot of conditioning to undo first. So, we use a multi-modality process of group process, transformative inner meditation, therapeutic movement, body wisdom techniques, art therapy, dynamic qi gong, and then whatever else comes up.

Although we will have a set schedule, we will let the combined energy of the group dictate which processes we will use for the maximal benefit.

    Learning from our symptoms     Rewriting the body’s messages     Living intimately in relationship     Shifting paradigms     The energetics of emotional transformation     Stress free living     Dream share     Using crisis as an opportunity for change     Evolving to our pure potential     Element Typing     Inquiry for the soul     Messages from the unborn     A new map for living     Transforming the self when things don’t turn out the way you had planned     Recognizing life issues through the seven stages

Regardless of our life experience, we all intuitively know in our depths that life is inherently peaceful, and meant to be lived unconditionally. New life emerges when we can end the war within. Let’s stop the struggle. We all need renewal – a place to recharge our spirits, nourish the body, and replenish the soul. Your basic nature is an abundant wellspring of being. Let’s find it together.