Tonifying Our Ancestors

The egg that is now me used to be inside my grandma! That’s right – the egg that became me spent five months inside the womb of my grandmother as my mother and her ovaries were developing during her pregnancy. And the eggs that became my children developed during my mother’s pregnancy with me! Doesn’t that just send you back in time! Chinese medicine has a beautiful process known as “Tonifying our ancestors.” When we get into the real depths of healing at our retreats, we have the potential to overcome even that which has been passed through our DNA from our mothers, fathers, grandparents, great-great grandparents, on and on. Not too many years ago I found out that my great grandfather was an alcoholic who killed himself. This was the deepest, darkest secret of our hidden but shameful past. And although I didn’t know about it within my thoughts, its message had been passed into my very cellular makeup, and came into this existence as shame.

Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, in his book, the Biology of Belief, says that our thoughts and beliefs impact the functioning of our cellular makeup more than any other factor in our lives, and even overrides messages contained in our DNA. Dr. Candace Pert says that the Body IS the subconcious mind, carrying out and responding to the deep held emotional messages that we provide it. This new knowledge can feel overwhelming, but it can also liberate us from all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations and place us in the realm of the miraculous, where limitless potential exists.

We are so much more than our habitual patterns; more than our life circumstances, roles, personal identify and point of view. Although most of us get lost in the trance of social, religious, and family conditioning, there is a part of us that is incorruptible, that resides in the place known as the unborn, where we have access to spiritual healing that goes far beyond physical adjustments and repetitive mental affirmations that merely make us feel better about our present conditioned lives. But we must have the courage to go into these places and stop the cycle of repetition before we can reach this place of divine healing.

This is also the place where life comes into existence in all forms, the place from which light, healing and wellbeing spring.  This is the majestic and timeless realm of unbounded potential, the primordial vibration where all true healing comes. This is the Source, where you are nourished by the primal source of all life where the energy of the life force surrounds you. Here you are entirely loved, entirely cared for, entirely supported. Energy, nourishment and life surround you.

When life feels overwhelming, and you feel like running away from the accumulated conditioning, we teach our patients to go counter to the habitual reflex, stop and go within. Move away from the reaction and return to the source. This is the place where my shame dissolved, where my ancestry was healed, and where the cycle stopped reproducing itself in my offspring.

Here we are freed from all limitations, existing in the timeless, beyond all boundaries. Beyond all thoughts, limitations, and perceptions. Return to the center. The womb of the universe, the inner structure of the mind, the power and source of what you actually are. The unified field of all that exists everywhere, before your grandmother was even born, and beyond the time when your grandchildren have passed.

Here you are connected to; in fact you are, the pulsing creation of all of life. You contain the pure essence of the creative power of the universe. This is the place where true fertility resides. This is the place where the souls of your unborn children arise. You are always there, together.

This is your essential, original, highest self. Here you are perfectly as you should be. You are embodied potential, uniquely made to fulfill your distinct purpose. Your compelling task is to understand and fulfill this destiny. When you are aligned with your own highest purpose, the forces that structure all of creation are at your service. All powers of universal consciousness come to support your highest, most evolved self.

This primordial vibration is at this very moment waiting for your recognition within your own body. It pulses within your cells, beats through your heart, breathes through your lungs, digests in your gut, and resounds deep within your mind and your whole being; within your ovaries and deep within your womb. It is the silence beyond even your mind, the sound of all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be. This is the sound of creation, the sound of yourself.

Posted by Randine Lewis