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I have been blown away by Bruce Lipton’s DVD, “Nature, Nurture, and the Power of Love.” This movie was recommended by one of our new Fertile Soul CEFP clinicians, and we purchased it to show at this last retreat. The retreat participants raved about the movie, so last night after retreat was over I watched it.

I had been aware of Bruce Lipton’s work in The Biology of Belief, but this movie potentized my previous understanding of his work and its relationship to fertility. The most uncanny aspect was that much of what we had been teaching during the Fertile Soul Retreats was explained in this movie!

He gave a beautiful scientific explanation of how the potential for the upcoming life is predicted by chromosomal selection in the egg and sperm the few months preceding ovulation and fertilization. And the prime determinant is the parents’ perceptions of their environment.

The subconscious fears and negatively held beliefs become imprinted on the genetic potential of the upcoming life. These have been patterned in us by the unfinished business we inherited from our parents, grandparents, and their parents and grandparents. All of these subconscious programs are carried in our DNA, and held deep within in the most primal aspect of our brains; and we are completely unaware of them. They do, however project through our awareness, as how we perceive the world and respond accordingly. It manifests as how the world appears to us. It may feel threatening. It may feel as if we have to fight for everything we have ever had and ever will have in this life – including our wished for child. Then this is projected out into our environment and creates our reality. If our most primal programming includes deeply held beliefs such as:

I don’t deserve a child; I must fight for everything I get; The world is unfair and doesn’t cooperate with me; I am flawed…

This then becomes authenticated in our life situation. The inviolate laws of nature again prove their wisdom – new life doesn’t tend to come easily to a body/mind littered with this programming. What we project comes back to us as our reality. And although we may remain unaware of these inner dictates, we are aware of the feelings they deposit: anger, fear, worry, and unrelenting grief.

Dr. Lipton went on to talk about how the fetal brain develops according to parental programming and sets it up for life. This then becomes reinforced during early childhood. And although he talked about how we set up the lives of our children through our own thoughts and beliefs, he didn’t delve into how this impacts fertility. He left us with the understanding that although we can't reprogram these messages through force, they may be reprogrammed. This is where the movie ended.

My mind took over and filled in the blanks based on the work The Fertile Soul has been doing for years. Most of the people who come to retreat have been programmed to believe that they can deny what is hidden and overwrite subconscious programming through positive affirmations – I’m strong, I’m fertile, there’s no fear, I am not anxious, and that this self talk will create a new reality. And the sad truth shows up again and again and again that it can’t. The inner programming wins every single time. We may temporarily feel better by focusing on the positive, but until the inner work is done, true change isn’t realized.

The Fertile Soul body/mind/spirit process begins with our Foundations program where we look at how our conscious life expresses itself. We begin by taking stock of our lives. What are the physical manifestations of our life? How is our physical body expressing its health or lack of health? What do our symptoms and lab results indicate? How do we feel? What are the manifestations of our lifestyle, which appear as our present life situation? Then we learn to relate to our body and mind in new ways that take us away from our unconscious programming and literally begin to reprogram us toward more conscious and healthy ways of relating to life.

We uncover the residual deposits of subconscious negativity – showing up as negative emotional responses to life. This isn’t easy, but when an individual courageously goes within to challenge the subconscious, new possibilities emerge. We can begin to see how we might be reacting to fears we weren’t even aware existed.

Taking fear as the example: we look at some of the fears that may be present in our body/mind. Through our group exercises, an individual might become aware of this internal message: “I don’t deserve unconditional love (of a child.)” This will manifest in their life as the inability to express and find unconditional love. Chinese medicine and Taoist approaches to healing recognize that deeply held fears are held in the hindbrain, and manifested internally in the lower body governed by the kidney system of energies where we choose between protection or an open receptivity to life. This is then translated into hormonal messages through the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal and gonadal axis and becomes the reality of the reproductive process. Modern medicine now can back up this premise of ancient healing:  we are constantly unconsciously choosing between protecting ourselves from life or becoming open to life.

The first way to overcome this programming is to recognize it and see it for what it is.  We see and experience the physiologic response to fear coming from an internal message of unworthiness. When it has been brought out into the light of awareness, it NO LONGER HAS THE POWER TO SUBCONSCIOUSLY CONTROL OUR LIVES! It has been made conscious. Now the higher aspect of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, governed in Chinese medicine by the heart system of energies, can actually rewrite the negative programming. The kidney governs fear and survival; the heart governs love, joy, and the expression of our highest functioning in body, mind, and spirit.

When the light of the heart fire shines into the recesses of the depths of the kidney energies, a new possibility emerges. The relationship between the heart and the womb forms the basis of our ability to bring forth life. With almost no regard for age, lab values or disease diagnoses, this process can reverse most any fertility impediment. We see it over and over again – women in their forties giving birth after all else has failed them – sky high FSH values, poor ovarian reserve, empty follicle syndrome, poor sperm morphology, endometriosis, autoimmune processes… these literally dissolve when life begins, once again, to abide by the laws of nature.

And, of course, we facilitate this process with acupuncture, herbs, qi gong and meridian movement therapy, meditation, and the support of the group.

During our next Renewal Retreat, our five day focus will be on recognizing and rewriting these internal messages using the powerful traditional Chinese medical healing modalities.

Posted by Randine Lewis