Secondary infertility is when a woman has been able to conceive one or more children, but then becomes unable to conceive children subsequently. This development is often very confusing and unexpected, as suddenly a sibling for the existing child is not forthcoming and the family is suddenly not growing in accordance with their dreams. Often women with secondary infertility feel guilty for even wanting another child. 

A past Fertile Soul client described primary and secondary infertility like this: 

Primary infertility is like knowing you want to try chocolate cake, but you have never tasted it before. You occasionally walk by the bakery and see the beautiful cake and want it badly. In your imagination, you know it will taste wonderful, and you feel you must do everything within your power to sample it. 

With secondary infertility, you know the taste of this cake and savor its flavor with every cell of your being. It is the most delicious thing you have ever experienced. And the cake is sitting in the middle of your kitchen table, but you aren't allowed to have any.

Just like the "unexplained infertility" diagnosis, secondary infertility has a root cause, even if it is difficult to uncover, and treatments that are possible to address it.

There are many imbalances that can arise during and after the birth of a child. There may be reactions in the body that are subtle, not well understood by or which do not respond positively to conventional medical treatments. We use Chinese medicine and the Fertile Soul MethodTM to assess what these imbalances are and correct them so that the body recalls the memory of its successful conception, pregnancy and birth. You know your body is capable of the miracle - let The Fertile Soul help you become receptive once again.