Phone Consultations 

Phone consultations are private appointments with one of our licensed staff TCM practitioners and/or our Nutrition and Wellness advisor, who help you explore the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your journey more deeply and make lifestyle changes that can mean the difference in your healing.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultations

Appointments with our licensed staff practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine include a full review of your medical, fertility and health histories. We provide you with an Eastern Medicine diagnosis and explanation of what it means, as well as our recommended treatment objectives, a custom herbal prescription and advice regarding nutritional supplements. Your treatment plan may also include a limited number of dietary and lifestyle modification suggestions to support you in addressing your imbalances. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations

Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food. -- Hippocrates

Oftentimes our determination to overcome our infertility diagnosis will lead us to spend a lot of time and money looking outside ourselves for answers. Yet the root issues behind our diagnoses lie within.

In this consultation program we review your food choices, tastes and lifestyle patterns with you, then create a program to nurture your body and address your fertility needs based on your traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, personal objectives and preferences. We help you learn how to incorporate delicious whole foods, fertility-enhancing movement, and awareness practices. These changes replenish your energy reserves, support emotional stability and strengthen your body’s internal processes, helping to smooth hormone balance and support conception. 

Combination Package Consultation

The Combination Package include both consultations with advisors from each of our programs: a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis with herbal prescription AND a Nutrition Consultation with month-long dietary support. It offers you balanced and comprehensive support and diagnosis on your journey. The Combination Package is a comprehensive treatment plan and the best value of all Fertile Soul consultation programs.

We will now offer ongoing nutritional support for the entire month following your Nutrition Consult to help transition the information into your daily routine. Nutritional plans will include 2 emails with your practitioner per week to discuss and answer any questions about diet, lifestyle, supplements and alternative product choices PLUS it will include a food journal review once per week to jump start your new Fertile Soul diet into everyday life!

The package includes:
- one 60-minute TCM
- one 60-minute Nutrition
- one full month of ongoing Nutritional Support