Our Clients in their Own Words

Kim M.

"Im 45 years old and just delivered my first child. I had a healthy baby boy. My dream would not have come true without the help and guidance from Dr Randine Lewis, the entire Fertile Soul staff and my Acupuncturist, Bonnie Ceres. I had four miscarriages and was told by three different fertility doctors that I would never carry my own child. They told me my only options were a donor egg and/or surrogate due to my advanced maternal age and old eggs. Then, I met my acupuncturist, Bonnie who gave me hope. She introduced me to Doctor Randine Lewis from The Fertile Soul. After reading Doctor Lewis’s books, I decided to set up a phone consultation with one of her nutritionists and went on the TCM diet: no wheat, dairy or sugar. Four months later, I attended one of her fertility retreats. Six weeks prior to attending the retreat, I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately, 5 weeks after attending the retreat, I had another miscarriage. I immediately contacted Randine who recommended I take supplements for clotting issues. I continued under Bonnie’s care with weekly acupuncture and followed the recommended treatments, nutritional diet and supplements suggested by TFS. Five months later, I was pregnant again. With the advise from Dr Lewis, my OBGYN placed me on blood thinner shots for my clotting issue and now Im holding my precious baby boy, Antonio. I am forever grateful to Dr Randine Lewis, the entire Fertile Soul staff and my Acupuncturist, Bonnie Ceres for giving me the gift of life and making my dreams come true."

Lynn H.

" I just wanted to send a note of thanks on to Randine, Liz and everyone at The Fertile Soul for the wonderful work that you do. I attended the January 15th retreat this year in Asheville and I can't believe I write this holding my beautiful 2 week old son, Henry. The retreat changed my life in so many amazing ways. Most importantly, I returned home from it with a new perspective on my life - one of gratitude instead of lack. I had a wonderful pregnancy and birth and am feeling great and bouncing back quickly with my newborn in tow:) I'm also so grateful for Njemile Jones, my Fertile Soul acupuncturist in Alexandria, VA. She is spectacular and I'm so glad I found her through your program. Thank you so very much for helping me find my way to Henry." 


"I went to the first retreat in Austin, two summers ago. At 43, I am now 4 months pregnant! We used fertility meds and IUI (not IVF) but the tools I learned at the retreat really is what I think made the difference. We are through all the scary prenatal tests and it looks like we should be having a healthy boy in late April. I learned to manage my stress and take life a bit more slowly. I learned to trust my intuition and not try to control all aspects of the process. Acupuncture is also something that I would have never tried without the retreat and has really helped (and now with morning sickness). I met so many wonderful people at the retreat and want to thank you all for the work that you do."


"I wanted to share my good news that our baby is here! Emma Kathleen arrived early on October 19th at 8:30 pm via c-section. She was 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 18 inches. We are home now and doing well. She is an absolute joy, the whole experience is just amazing. I find myself looking at her and feeling such an overwhelming love! Thank you again for everything, most importantly for finding hope again!"


"This is a chapter of a (future) book from one of our Guests… a beautiful perspective from a Retreat with Dr. Lewis: 

Korma: Hot and Spicy Enlightenment

Kristy D.

"I walked into the retreat experience with an overwhelming amount of anxiety and stress after attempting to utilize Western fertility methods to remedy my ongoing fertility issues. I'm 43 with a high FSH and was told I have a 5% chance of getting pregnant with Western methods. My RE suggested that I start the fertility treatment process to gain "closure". I was incredibly discouraged and scared that I would never have a child. Prior to attending the retreat, I had read Randine's book cover-to-cover and it made complete sense to me. I signed up for the July retreat in Nashville. I made the decision to stop my ongoing Western fertility treatments. I was committing myself to the TCM process. I walked into the first retreat session on Friday evening ready to heal my wounds and absorb every piece of information. From the moment Randine began speaking, I felt a sense of healing and calmness come over me. I felt connected to Randine and the other retreat participants in a way that no one will ever understand. They understood! They understood what I was feeling and what I was going through!! That was a huge stress reliever for me and I quickly realized this was going to be the turning point in my fertility journey. Once I left the retreat, I followed all of the suggested treatments, supplements and nutritional changes suggested by TFS. A month or so after attending the retreat, my acupuncturist suggested that I might be pregnant and I should take a test in the next couple of days. My husband and I were shocked. It was true! We were pregnant. We are so excited and cannot believe the incredible changes that my mind and body have gone through to get to this point. I'm in my 7th week and am looking forward to my first doctor's visit in a couple of weeks. This process is about becoming connected within and focusing on making yourself healthy, not just to have a baby but to live your entire life balanced and healthy. I credit Randine, TFS process and the entire Fertile Soul staff for guiding me through my fertility challenges." 

Lori L.

"On very short notice, I decided to attend a Fertile Soul retreat in Nashville during the first weekend of July 2010. It's difficult to explain everything that happened to me during that intensely personal weekend, but I came away from it with so much beneficial information and so much encouragement and support from the staff and retreat participants, that I’m still trying to find a way to put my experience into words. Something in my body physically changed during the final day’s group healing session. It was a very emotional experience, during which I felt a burden of stress and physical blockage lift from my body. Afterwards, for the first time in years, I was able to breathe deeply all the way down to my abdomen. My next menstrual phase, several weeks later, was different than I had ever experienced; it was as if my system was purging itself. Then, at age 41-1/2, after five years of trying to become pregnant naturally without the assistance of reproductive medicine and achieving only a disappointing chemical pregnancy, I was very surprised to receive a positive pregnancy test result the following month. I am now 7-weeks pregnant, and my husband and I are cautiously optimistic and hopeful that due to my improved health and reduced stress, that we will have a healthy baby in late April. I recommend the Fertile Soul method to any woman of child-bearing years who wishes to improve her health and optimize her chances of becoming pregnant." 

Lisa W.

"Our son was conceived naturally and born in Oct of 2008 and is a healthy 17 month old and such a wonderful joy that has added so much to our lives!!! After attending the retreat in Nov of 2006 I felt like a new woman, renewed and full of fertility in all aspects of my life. I made some wonderful friends that I continue to keep in contact with and feel that we will have a special bond for the rest of our lives. I still reflect on some of the information given during the retreat and use it to guide me in my everyday life. The retreat was truly an opportunity to dig deeper and reflect on so many aspects of my life. I am forever indebted to Randine, her colleagues and all of the wonderful fertile sisters that I met! What a spiritual, life-changing event! (and I truly mean it!)" 

Kirsten M.



Jeanne L.

"I have news...I am pregnant!!!! Tomorrow will be 7 weeks!!!! I was in the Ojai group and was planning to start my first attempt at IVF in late March. To say that we were shocked would be an understatement! At the beginning of February, I started with a new acupuncturist (who my doctor had brought into his building-she's from a group in Austin). Everything with her was completely different from the first acupuncturist I found after Ojai. She gave me a new herbal formula that felt different too. Most importantly, I felt hope again with her. I had finally given in to trying IVF and felt like I would be the most prepared after working with her before and during the cycle. Some other things have changed to, I went back to school in January to get a 2nd Master's degree in library science that will enable me to move out of school counseling in the near future. We started looking for a bigger house, listed ours, etc. Just lots of positive changes and then boom, this happened! I cannot tell you how excited we are. I've had 3 blood tests and the HCG level went up to a good number each time. I had my first sonogram yesterday, and my doctor said that everything looked perfect. We got to hear the heartbeat which was just amazing. Honestly, I still can't believe that after 4 years, failed IUIs, planning to start IVF, etc. that we actually did this without drugs and medical procedures. Thank you for everything you taught me on the retreat and in your books. I know that all of this came together at exactly the right time. Of course, I want to add "finally"!!!! :) 


"You may remember my story. High FSH (low 20’s), 2-3 follicles upon stim, unknown autoimmune and blood clotting issues. We had our biological son through a surrogate (on the 10th ivf!). After a few more tries for a second child with our surrogate, I became really clear that I didn’t want to do any more fertility treatments. My body gave me a definitive no. I also didn’t want to spend the money or the emotional energy. I wanted to get on with my life. And I’m 41 so I realized the odds were slim. So I started drinking my decaf mochas daily -- stopped acupuncture and herbs — and was completely at peace with one vibrant, happy child. My husband hadn’t let go of the idea of another child but I truly had... I felt relieved to not be putting that pressure on myself anymore — after all, it had been a long journey. Sure enough a few months after this realization, we conceived naturally. I am now 15 weeks and so far, all looks very good. God works in mysterious and miraculous ways. I truly see this as a gift from God and I’m just the conduit — trying to stay out of the way. I remember Randine talking about the power of letting go — and I remember trying to figure out how to let go. I could never engineer it — now I understand."


"I still can't believe the blessings 2009 bestowed. I am so glad I trusted my gut instinct and got on the plane to attend the retreat. Nearly, nine months later, I am sitting here with a large belly and the baby due days from now- a remarkable blessing that humbles me. I am mixed with elation, anxiety and hope that all will be well. Randine, you are an incredible educator and healer and I have passed your message to many others. You should be proud of your legacy to this earth." 


"I am just giving you a happy unbelievable update. Thanks to your camp and book, I have taken all of your ideas that I could about eating organic and living a toxic, stress free(or stress a lot less approach) and exercised almost daily and now I am 8 weeks away from my miralce baby that I have waited 7 years for. I am 43 and will be 44 when my girl is 3 months old. She happened naturally. My IVF and frozen cycle didn't work. What worked was living by the principals and diet in your book and relaxing my mind and body. Thanks for being THE source to go to."


"Before naturally conceiving my first son I turned to acupuncture after reading Randine's book "The Infertility Cure". This was after a miscarriage, 3 failed IUIs and the recommendation of IVF due to my age (36) and unexplained infertility after nearly two years of trying to conceive. When we started trying for baby #2 two years later I was 39 with a High FSH (17.7) and was told I'd likely need donor eggs. After a phone consultation with a Fertile Soul nutritionist, which led to a complete change in diet, I again turned to acupuncture and conceived without medical intervention within a few months. Our second miracle baby boy was born in May 2009. I'm truly grateful to the Fertile Soul program as I believe the nutritional evaluation and recommendations and the faith in the process provided by "The Infertility Cure" helped pave our path to our darling sons."

Allison R.

"I wanted to give you all an update since you were so instrumental in my journey. After the retreat in Dec, I worked with a local acupuncturist/naturopath here in Dallas doing regular acupuncture and herbal tea remedies. I did it for 3 months and then decided to give IVF a try in March. Unfortunately I developed that hyperstimulation condition after my egg retrieval and my transfer was postponed until June but I am happy to let you know that I am pregnant. We did a frozen transfer in June and I now have one healthy, happy baby growing due March 7th!! Thank you all for your support and guidance. Much love to you all." 

Barbara A. 

"I heard the heartbeat yesterday! It was so amazing to hear this little one going a mile a minute. Not a day goes by when Josh and I do not talk about the retreats and how blessed we are to have been on this journey. While it was a long road to pregnancy, I would not trade if for anything. I have so many blessings as a result and would not give one of them up. I will keep you posted on my tummy's growth. Just know that you guys are in my thoughts all the time." 

Deena W.

" ... I just had to share with my fellow Fertile Souls- I am pregnant ... I think this is such a positive sign for all of us! Hopefully all the stuff we learned at the retreat, plus all these unbelievable herbs and supplements has improved the egg quality too ... I have to admit, I wasn't going to try this month and I didn't check when I was ovulating-at all! ... I swear part of it was not obsessing. Looks like we got pregnant the first weekend back in AZ. Maybe being REALLY happy helps. : ) ... Thank you and everyone at The Fertile Soul for helping all of us heal and grow, through our own very personal journey."