Discovering Our Pure Potential Later in Life

One of the greatest gifts of The Fertile Soul process has been helping women, regardless of where they lay in the reproductive aging process, to access their life potential. The key is meeting them where they are. Thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine recognized that a woman’s reproductive life span began at approximately age 14 (now it is earlier), when the life giving powers of the heart endowed the womb with the ability to bring forth life. It was also recognized that at approximately age 49 (today it is later), the essence is returned to the heart, and although a woman is no longer able to bear children, her maternal energy strengthens in this return, and is offered to the world. Menopause is seen as a revered transition because of its power. As the reproductive essence declines, the spirit of the heart increases. When a woman in her later reproductive years is challenged to bring forth life, we have to address her spirit more than tending just to her body.

Denise was a spirit filled woman who came to a Fertile Soul retreat in her late forties, when Western reproductive medicine told her she was too old. Immediately on meeting Denise, I knew she was one who would not be held back by medical beliefs and limiting paradigms. This was her strength, which I like to maximize, rather than trying to “fix” the limitations of the paradigm in which one does not necessarily fit. She returned to her home in Africa, and within a year was pregnant naturally. Nine months later Denise gave birth to a healthy son.

The process of honoring the heart, the true healer, is not just to be true to oneself; but also to move past the limitations of fear and worldly beliefs, and into the full expression of a spirit filled life. Denise became a mother toward the end of her fifth decade. Her music career took off. Her passion is being lived. I am so inspired by Denise; I wanted to share an article that was written about her.

Live according to the truth of your heart. Don’t let anything or anyone else hold you back. You have one life to live, and this is it!